What is Customizable Web Design

Unique Design

With a custom website, you are allowed and encouraged to show your company culture and personality through design. A unique design can be presented, revised and built into a custom template for your website. Yes, I said template because even custom sites have a template; it is just built from scratch rather than from a box. Think about your grandma’s chocolate cake, it just wouldn’t be the same if it were out of a box.

Scalability, Flexibility, Manageability

A custom website is always expandable. You can always call up your web developer with a hair-brained idea and usually they can come up with a way to make it happen. We like to call this making your website do cartwheels. Custom features can be built in to make your website, and sometimes your business, easier to manage. You aren’t going to be stuck in a box when it comes to events, members only sections, project portfolios, or any other idea you or your developer have that would show just how cool your company is.

Up-to-Date Code and SEO

A solid web development firm is constantly updating their code and finding new ways to increase the longevity of the sites they build. They are on the lookout for new SEO best practices as they roll out from Google.

Support From Skilled Developers

With a firm that builds custom websites you will have access to the support of skilled developers, usually via your account service person, who code from scratch. They will be able to troubleshoot and fix bugs with little to no hesitation (maybe not for free) and are rarely stumped by a challenge.

Note: Make sure the firm you choose for a custom site has developers on staff rather than hiring freelancers or outsourcing their development.

More Expensive and Takes Longer to Develop

Custom websites are built to the business owner’s specifications and are adaptable to the company’s needs. They often are more expensive and take a bit longer to develop. If your budget is under $3,000 and you want to work with a professional firm, you will most likely end up with a slightly customized template that incorporates your brand and information about your company. For a budget of $3,000 to $5,000 you will get a more customized site, although the site might not contain much functionality depending upon the size and number of pages. For a custom website you will want to expect to start at $5,000+ based on the number pages and functionality required.

The time-frame for development is typically about 4 weeks longer than that of a template, close to 12 weeks with a responsive client/firm relationship. However, this can save immense amounts of time in the future, because your site will be easier to manage and will do what you expect it to do.